it’s a curd to me

It’s a birthday again around here, and this one has all the markings of what my mother likes to call a Polish Festival. She had a good friend when I was little who was a Polish doctor, and he clued us in to a host of Polish customs whenever he […]

topsy turvy

I have wanted to tell you about this cake since last week, but I have faced a number of obstacles. One, it’s supposed to be a rhubarb cake, and the rhubarb is not up yet. Two, my son had the chicken pox. Three, […]

no cake

I know I promised you cake, and I have exactly the cake it was going to be in my mind’s eye. I don’t have it on a plate, though, because instead of blog posts and baking in our house, today we have the chicken pox. Well, only one of us does: my son, who is […]