Month: March 2012

it’s a curd to me

It’s a birthday again around here, and this one has all the markings of what my mother likes to call a Polish Festival. She had a good friend when I was little who was a Polish doctor, and he clued us in to a host of Polish customs whenever he visited, among them the general principle that one quality that a Pole likes in his holiday is that it goes on and on. “And then on the third day, we dance a little and eat this kind of pastry…” That sort of thing. So in our house growing up, any holiday that had to be celebrated multiple times, say to accommodate both marking the actual date of birth and again later on, to include some key relative who had been absent at the original celebration, became known as a Polish Festival. This was said with the utmost respect for all persons of Polish extraction, not least because we all like to have a reason to eat cake twice and get more presents and would gladly …

topsy turvy

I have wanted to tell you about this cake since last week, but I have faced a number of obstacles. One, it’s supposed to be a rhubarb cake, and the rhubarb is not up yet. Two, my son had the chicken pox. Three, I myself have been just as sick as a dog. I had a workaround for the first problem, as you can see, but nothing but time could address the other two. In case you are wondering if I am bandying about that expression–“sick as a dog”– with no serious foundational understanding to back it up, let me reassure you. This was a week which saw my older daughter, my son, myself and one of our actual dogs in the throes of some illness or another, and though our complaints differ it is the dog whom I feel I most closely resembled at the low point. He had one of those epic nights other dog-owners may be familiar with, the ones titled “Upon Reflection, I Probably Should Not Have Eaten That Thing I …

no cake

I know I promised you cake, and I have exactly the cake it was going to be in my mind’s eye. I don’t have it on a plate, though, because instead of blog posts and baking in our house, today we have the chicken pox. Well, only one of us does: my son, who is enjoying either his second bout of them or a big “Guess You Were Wrong About That!” moment with our former pediatrician.So, together we can look forward to cake on Monday, among other improvements in everyone’s general circumstances. Have a very not-itchy weekend, and if you were counting on me for a recipe, please enjoy the following dairy-rich breakfast items that I think look quite delicious, and if you try them out, let me know how you fare.These simple and amazing-looking gluten-free African PancakesThe same chef’s equally international and tempting-looking Salvadoran MuffinsThese little hand-held cheese piesThis nourishing polenta