pot of gold

We have a chicken making a weird, wheezy snorking noise today, and while I am not broadcasting an open plea for advice, I will share a little wisdom: if you happen to suspect that a chicken of your acquaintance may have an impacted crop, do NOT do any internet research while eating lunch at […]

I melt with you

We had a friend once who had lived penuriously in solitude for years despite grand tastes and a big heart, and then found her circumstances much altered by happily finding love with a man who happened to have some cash.  She decorated a large house for the two of them to live in.  And […]

the great sauce caper

caper, n. 1.     to leap or skip about in a sprightly manner; prance; frisk; gambol. 2.     a prank or trick; harebrained escapade. 3.     a frivolous, carefree episode or activity. 4.     a spiny shrub, Capparis spinosa,  of Mediterranean regions, having roundish leaves and solitary white flowers. 5.     its flower bud which is pickled and used […]