Month: May 2012

peep show

Tomorrow I will be gone for the day, watching my only niece graduate from high school.  I watched her get born, and I have watched her do many things since then, and I am very excited to stand by and cry tears of happiness and wistfulness while she flaps her lovely wings to get ready to soar–which I am quite confident, in my entirely unbiased opinion, that she will do. this is she, with a hedgehog this is she again, with my baby So I will not be in my appointed location to write you about cake when Friday rolls around.  Lame!  I promised you a week of cake and only delivered two of them.  And one was a re-run, and one was a pie!  But there are still the presents to consider.  I posted the pictures, finally, of the rhubarb upside down cake, where they belong on Tuesday’s post. Now you have a reason to head back there, and while you are there, put your name down to win fabulous prizes, which will include …


but wait, there’s more!

  Are you lurking there in the wings, shy of telling me what it is that you cook that makes you wag your tail with pride and sends your self-esteem rocketing?  Are you shy because you wonder if barnyard animals roam freely around my house, and if you only could be sure that they did, then you would pipe up with your story? Warm up the pipes! is there anything here for moi? Note to the file:  If you have hand-raised a chick in your house, and then introduced her to coop life, she will prefer coop life.  But she will never forget her roots.  Anytime wind or careless residents leave our front door open, this chicken (and only this chicken) wanders in.  There she is, seeing if the children have brought anything home from school for her. If, on the other hand, you were waiting for a little teasing glimpse of the goodies so coyly offered yesterday with no hint of their identity, then consider this: Bear in mind, if you are still tempted …


see note (and a giveaway!)

Up there you see the finale to BDN 2012, in the form of my husband’s birthday pies. Festive, right? For once, pie was my ally. I’ll tell you how I made them later on in the week. For the moment, they are just helping me out by setting the party mood. It’s cake week.  Cake and presents.  Does that sound like a party?  I hope so.  The R&P is 100 posts old today, and even though I know a blog giveaway can end shamefully, with only four entries and a serious re-examination of one’s direction in life, I am willing to take the risk.  I know who they are, and I like those four people very much. I will come right out and tell you myself (so no one has to point it out) that today’s post is re-hashing a recipe from two months ago, but I do have good reasons for this shameless re-broadcast: one, I told you then it was supposed to be made with rhubarb, which at that time was just a …