Month: July 2012

don’t make me do it

This is Ryan Gosling, as a pancake.  A homemade pancake?  No.  He’s made from Bisquick Shake ‘n’ Pour.  Not made by me, but I did devote my precious recipe-testing time to hunting it down.  A chilling glimpse of the future.  Alternatively, zip back a few posts and leave a comment under the blackberries!  Then Ryan can rest, and I can tell you about barley salad with corn and basil. 24 hours to go.

open sesame

A quick post today, as most of my time now is devoted to hunting down Ryan Gosling photos so I can whip up my own poster. You have the power to create more time for me by simply skipperdeeing over to the blackberry post from last week, and throwing your name in the ring for some jam.  Then I will not need a Ryan Gosling poster to bring humor and pectoral splendor to my sad circumstances, and I can spend more time trying out recipes for you. Leaving aside Hollywood Heart Throbs for now, let’s make the natural transition to malformed chickens before we move on to salad. We have a chicken whose foot looks like this. Her head looks like this. Here you can see her weird foot and weird head together. I’ve been of two minds about posting this salad, as it trips the “Weird Ingredients That May Alienate” switch.  The weird item in question, shiso leaf, is a staple of Asian grocery stores, if you happen to live near one (or make …

heads up

Well!  Three comments.  Thank you, three commenters, and I hope Ryan Gosling has a poster for this. Looks like we may need it! If you are shyly lurking, please consider leaving a comment on yesterday’s post.  I am making a lot of blackberry jam and you would really be helping me out if you entered the running to receive some. Meanwhile: cabbage!  It’s here.  It’s ready.  It has an undeservedly low reputation, I think.  I’ve yabbered on about it before, in the doldrums of winter, and now that we can yank it fresh from the ground, here I go again. If, like me, you have a thyroid issue, you may have been told that raw members of the brassica or cruciferae family (cabbages, kales, mustards, broccoli and so on) are not a friend to the system. I have done extensive research on this matter, in the sense that once in a while someone reminds me of this recommended injunction, and then I do some half-hearted googling, and then I get confused and decide that the …