a moving account

We’ve been doing some serious sorting around the house, long overdue.  I am not speaking figuratively of this sort of startling renovation of the Raisin; I mean going through closets and drawers and the boxes of papers and drawings and photos that have accumulated.  Most of the paper correspondence in these boxes is vintage […]

squash court


I came into possession of some gorgeous poblano peppers, which have been looking mighty fine in the market even as all the produce around them begins to show signs of jet lag.  So I set out to make my friend Julie’s “Three Sisters and One Spicy Brother” squash soup, which is some mighty soup, […]

Monday morning: I am a quarter back

It’s come and gone, and here we all are in recovery mode, with plenty to digest on all levels.  I read lots of articles and blog posts in this last week about the murky and shameful historical origins of the holiday, and I think good citizenship demands being aware of those.  I also think the […]