I know what you are thinking

Are you thinking about opening the borders of your mind and heart? Listen here.

Are you thinking about making a little fuss over a supper that might possibly cause you to dance around with happiness? Take a look at this.

Are you thinking about injecting a little tropical tang into January’s icy siege? Have a […]

the use of today

Been a bit quiet around here!  My apologies.  It isn’t exactly as though I haven’t been making useful food.  I am back in a period of jam-packed days and short trips away from my family, so I have been cranking out useful food galore, like pots of beans (this time with some sofrito which […]

handy device

Years ago, my oldest sister lived in a loft apartment all the way west on Canal Street in New York.  It was notable for many things: fabulousness, for one, and–in a city famous for instant, round-the-clock gratification–its remarkable inconvenience.  No market on the corner for the forgotten lemon or baking powder.  No restaurant mere […]