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making bank: socking away summer greens on a raisin + a porpoise

caching in

It’s definitely grasshopper season. So much to do and see and play with. Who wants to tote and till and thresh when the music is playing? DANCING IS SO FUN. Threshing? Not so much. We’ve had a wetter summer season than my area of the map has seen in years, along with a handsome run of sunny days in among the rain drops. As a result, greens are leaping out of gardens in fat, succulent bunches. Maybe you have no garden or jungle-like weather conditions where you are; even so, CSA shares and shopping at farmer’s markets with eyes that are bigger than your available hours can also lead to a greens overload in the crisper. Before slime descends and you are forced to slide that lettuce into the compost or trash, consider taking a few simple steps to make you and your army of ants pretty content when winter settles back down, and still leave time for dancing. Here is the revolutionary, game-changing greens management tip that can be yours today if you ACT …

creamy rooibos apricot popsicles | a raisin + a porpoise

a cheerful pop of colors

I find it can be kind of hard to talk about cooking in the summer, when (at least in my zip code), suddenly there are green, edible things emerging everywhere after a long, wintry dry spell, and really you only need a pair of scissors and access to olive oil, salt and lemon to make a passable form of dinner happen, usually quite late in the evening when it is too dark to take pictures. It can also be hard to talk about food when one’s brain is like a halfway house for jacked-up monkeys, just to cite another randomly-selected possible complicating factor. Fortunately, in a moment of false confidence that I would be able to figure out what was meant by any number of technical terms involved in doing so, I let a friend convince me to sign up for a virtual popsicle party, and so we are once again gathered here for some food talk. Organized by Billy Green of Wit & Vinegar, the event is a week-long celebration of all the frozen …


well, that stinks

Hi, fellow dog-owners! A couple of helpful hints to share with you quickly. It’s spring and many of our sleepy woodland friends are becoming more active. If you live in a rural area, you may want to keep a few common household items collected and handy, in case your companion animal gets tangled up with one. If you just sat down to dinner and one dog is still outside, then yes, that was a skunk he was barking at. Here it comes. Like ten hundred million onions but not fresh ones. It’s more of a noise than a smell. As close as a smell gets to a noise. However you say ‘deafening,’ but for a stink. How little chance there is that the skunk sprayed in the yard but missed the dog makes the question basically not worth asking. Isn’t it fortunate that you remember that some brilliant samaritan pioneered a formula which combines hydrogen peroxide + dish soap + baking soda, and you have all the ingredients? Feel smug about that for a second. …