ceiling effect


Meanwhile, I wait in the sock basket.

Maybe this is an overshare, but I have a mild to moderate herniation of the disc between L4 and L5 in my lower back, as well as some questions about who made up the scale that herniations are measured on, and a new respect for anyone […]

going crackers

I have a lot to thank Alice Medrich for. My college years coincided precisely with the last four years of her ownership of the legendary Bay Area bakery, Cocolat, and the portion of my freshman 15 not accounted for by See’s Candy bridge mix (purchase-able in increments of 25 cents, when we were window-shopping […]

hit by lightening

I am reading a novel in the middle of the day.  Now there’s something crazy right there.  It’s Ali Smith’s How To Be Both (so good! SO good!), and when I read, therein, the phrase ‘hit by lightening,’ I realized that it describes exactly the feeling that results from performing a magic vamoose out of […]