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stacked|gluten-free chestnut sandwich cookies for love and happiness from a raisin & a porpoise

that old chest nut

Watch now while I do something that I feel certain has never even been attempted before. As you sit back and take it all in, I will deftly weave Kim Kardashian, breastfeeding, Margaret Atwood and chestnut shortbread all together in a single post. And people say New England is dull in February! In addition to having, and nursing, three children of my own, I worked for ten years or so as a counselor to new mothers. All of this made me kind of a boob nerd. [As an aside, may I say blessings on your path however you feed or fed any babies of your own. I hope you have or had all the support you need or needed on whatever path you took, and that your babies and you thrived, which is the point. A boob nerd is not the same as a boob zealot.] Here is a bonus, unadvertised mention of Madonna, to illustrate the extent of my boob nerdishness: I was at a party once where the host had Madonna’s big book …

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those hot little cheesy biscuits | gluten free buckwheatgougeres on a raisin & a porpoise

boo to you

Once upon a time, we had a little baby, the third and final in our in-house series and the last installment for both families-at-large as well. I had always wanted a summer baby, so with our characteristic meticulousness, this baby ended up being due in early January. January 6th, to be precise, which is the holiday (in a religion not my own) known as Epiphany. My oldest nephew, the first grandchild in our family, started calling his cousin-to-be ‘Piph,” (that rhymes with ‘sniff,’ for those of you playing along at home) and it stuck as the in-process name; our first child’s had been ‘Sally,’ dating from the What To Fear When You’re Pregnant progress drawing comparing the little tenant to a salamander, and I think my oldest sister’s womb name was “Yitzik,” though I kind of wonder what I could be using that brain cell for if it were not devoted to storing such a valuable factoid. Long about mid-December, when I began to look like the boa constrictor float in a Little Prince parade, …

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your number is up

Thank you so much for leaping onto the various bandwagons I dangled before you. Every comment, like and follow was a lovely present to open. The winner of the giveaway is Tess, who has a box of treats en route just as soon as she supplies an address to me! It could have led to a lot of canine swagger, all that fan-love.  The dogs have a secure sense of their own good looks and charm, and they do dominate the Instagram feed. But we ended that ego exercise by taking the suitcases down from the attic and committing the ultimate act of dog deflation: leaving home without them, to head south to celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday. Travel has become a funny exercise in How Much Would You Pay For That Thing You Used To Count On? Is it worth $25 to have the Room To Unbend Your Legs package? How about $25 for the Ability To Take Luggage On Your Trip feature? Will you pay $10 for access to the Swift And Courteous …

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