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caching in on lemon season | a raisin & a porpoise

caching in

  I have a lemon problem.  It takes enormous self-control to vary the content for you here, because basically all the time I am working against the urge to say “put some lemon in that.” On top of that personal issue, we just got back from a trip to heavily-lemoned California, where lemons are not only for sale in markets at prices to make an Easterner weep, but on most streets they are just tumbling to the ground and rotting in heaps, dripping from the branches of trees that people drive by without stopping to sing hymns of gratitude, let alone picking or eating them. To the bafflement of my West Coast family, I packed myself a flat-rate box of lemons and shipped it back here, where I could sing hymns and go all nose-to-tail on them in the privacy of my wintry home. I set out below to give you a brief, simple recipe for taking what is essentially refuse or compost, stuffing it into a machine, grinding it up–pulverizing it, really; just absolutely …


your number is up

Thank you so much for leaping onto the various bandwagons I dangled before you. Every comment, like and follow was a lovely present to open. The winner of the giveaway is Tess, who has a box of treats en route just as soon as she supplies an address to me! It could have led to a lot of canine swagger, all that fan-love.  The dogs have a secure sense of their own good looks and charm, and they do dominate the Instagram feed. But we ended that ego exercise by taking the suitcases down from the attic and committing the ultimate act of dog deflation: leaving home without them, to head south to celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday. Travel has become a funny exercise in How Much Would You Pay For That Thing You Used To Count On? Is it worth $25 to have the Room To Unbend Your Legs package? How about $25 for the Ability To Take Luggage On Your Trip feature? Will you pay $10 for access to the Swift And Courteous …

chocolate rose mousse, from a raisin & a porpoise

I rose up

Summer shifted. Even though I have yet to feel like it has really begun, this morning when I woke up the heavy mist that signals impending August and its determined slide into September was hanging over everything. By mid-morning, the sun burned through and now we’re getting more of that crazy gorgeous big blue sky we’ve been treated to all season. But I know what I saw. In a regular summer, I find it a little difficult to write about cooking. There is a lot of everything green, and not a lot of time. We can eat handsomely without much effort, and more often than not we eat in the dark. We eat a giant salad or we eat—as we have lately, almost every night, in this not-very-regular summer—some variation on greens and rice. Stir-fried greens with rice. Curried greens with rice. Fried rice, with…greens! Greens on noodles for a little excitement! Handful of green beans, handful of chard, kale, spinach, some of whatever weed is in the yard, all hastily gathered into the apron …