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roasted apricots with honey & basil, on a raisin & a porpoise


I grew up in a household of girls, and I went to a girls’ school.  How much food growing boys can eat was not really part of my consciousness for the first part of my life.  Then I met my husband, twenty two years ago on Memorial Day Weekend, at an eating party.  My husband is a big eater. He is a tall and slim fellow, and it seems like there is not much room for quantities of food in his architecture, but the man can eat. After he has eaten his fill, this notion is never far from my mind: Every year on his birthday, I cook up a storm, trying to hit all the high notes he appreciates.  He likes a volume of food, to be sure, but he has a palate.  And though he is perfectly willing to eat a lot of one thing, a whole range of options (and plenty of sauce) is the right way to celebrate as far as he is concerned. Often his parents join us for this …


armchair travel

My friend Andrea is a good friend to have.  She will agree to come along and pick cherries in unbearable weather, and show up with even more containers than you have brought–a sign of her optimism and enthusiasm.  She will share your obsession with cracking the code on some elusive Turkish or possibly Greek baked pudding that may also be boiled, which seems to contain chicken but doesn’t have to, and present you with cookbooks and late-night emails testifying to her mettle as a code-cracker.  She may, if you are very lucky, also present you with a bottle of olive oil, which turns out to come from the olive grove belonging to her family in Greece.   Then again, she may twink off to Greece for a month, and send you what can really only be described as apricot porn.  So think twice before getting too friendly with her, or you may find your inbox clogged with images like these: all photos by Andrea, who is in Greece, and not by me, home here in Massachusetts …