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big teas

A little housekeeping first: the subscription link over there in the sidebar finally works. Apologies for the long time when it didn’t.  Ice packs for the lump on my head from banging it on the desk trying to fix it gratefully accepted.  I have almost every confidence that if you sign up using the new gizmo, you will actually receive an alert when I post. And believe me, you won’t want to miss even one of the intimidatingly challenging and exotic recipes you have come to expect here. To wit, today’s offering: a cup of tea. “You may have noticed,” said my son this morning, “that I have begun to really like toast.” He comes by it honestly. There is a long double genetic line of inheritance behind this fondness of his, with both parents coming from toast-centric households. It’s only a mild understatement to say that in my opinion, buttered toast and hot tea are two of the cornerstones of a nice life, as well as two of the most direct routes to re-establishing …


bees on earth

Well, you’ve waited long enough. Here is the Raisin & Porpoise Holiday Gift Guide. “She’s going to tell us to sew something.” “Or felt it. Or knit it. Or bake it. She’s going to tell us to make it ourselves.” But I’m not! I have a few surprises up my sleeve, and here is one: I want you to buy stuff. Go all crazy and buy stuff. Maybe you are secretly weary of all the locavore this-and-that you hear. Maybe you read the 100 Mile Diet and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and all the Michael Pollan books, all of them, just like everyone said you should. Maybe it all makes sense and you know they’re right but it also just makes you stressed and paralyzed, there in the store with your reusable bag and your carbon footprint, staring at the imported but organic this and the local but conventional that and wondering what you are supposed to buy to be making the right impact and still have something good to eat. It’s all right, honey. Honey. …