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sandwich generation

In the past few weeks, I’ve been back in travel-to-see-someone-in-the-hospital mode. This is, to say the least, kind of disorienting.  My sense of reality was not helped one thin iota by getting out of the subway in New York City last week and seeing a group of about 14 man-sized rabbits walking up Broadway.  Some had rabbit-heads squarely on their heads, and some had them jauntily tipped back so their human heads were showing, and some had them tucked under their arms.  The ManRabbits were chatting amiably about what they saw on TV the night before and the price of coffee and all the regular things companionable pedestrians chat about. This being New York City, where my mother once came home to report she had seen a sidewalk full of people avert their eyes from a man who was entirely naked except for a red string around one of his ankles, everyone pretending he was invisible even as he systematically set fire to each of the trash cans on the corners between 77th street and …

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Judging by the tire tracks on my get-up-and-go and the fact that 66% of my children are back to school, I think the holidays are over. That was some ride. Eight years ago, I took that ride enormously pregnant, and at the end of the holidaze, had a large baby boy to show for it.  So a birthday party features prominently among our holiday festivities now, but given the realities of the season does not always find me at my fresh and lovely best.  When he was little, we could celebrate with a little party, just family and a friend or two, but now he is big and we can’t. Sometimes we have a little family do on the day proper, and defer the big classmates party until the holiday dust has settled a little.  The advantage is a week or two of planning, made possible by the clearing of the holiday decks.  The other side of the delaying coin is that we turn the occasion into a weeks-long festival of birthday on top of …


but wait, there’s more!

  Are you lurking there in the wings, shy of telling me what it is that you cook that makes you wag your tail with pride and sends your self-esteem rocketing?  Are you shy because you wonder if barnyard animals roam freely around my house, and if you only could be sure that they did, then you would pipe up with your story? Warm up the pipes! is there anything here for moi? Note to the file:  If you have hand-raised a chick in your house, and then introduced her to coop life, she will prefer coop life.  But she will never forget her roots.  Anytime wind or careless residents leave our front door open, this chicken (and only this chicken) wanders in.  There she is, seeing if the children have brought anything home from school for her. If, on the other hand, you were waiting for a little teasing glimpse of the goodies so coyly offered yesterday with no hint of their identity, then consider this: Bear in mind, if you are still tempted …