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ricotta cheesecake, gluten free!

a whole lotta cheesecake

I had a post all ready to go for you about cheesecake, because I made one that was intensely tasty, but then we went to New Orleans for the weekend and by the time I got back from that densely caloric trip, I couldn’t bear to think about anything sweet or rich. Among the things we came home to was this little item: I snapped that picture on the room-service run to the coop yesterday morning, thinking she (I don’t actually know that that the baby chicken is female; I just like to encourage all the chicks to be, well, chicks, as we are overstocked with very vocal roosters) would make a nice poster child for whatever light, healthy, springtime food I was going to write about today. Except that now she is on my dining room table, wearing a little leg splint and comfrey compress and peeping like a maniac in the cardboard box my daughter set up for her last night when she found her unable to put weight on her right leg.  …

muffins with toasted coriander seed

there is a season

It turns out that it is not especially difficult, as a person (admittedly self-diagnosed) of approximately reasonable levels of functional sanity, to become deeply paranoid and want to stay under the bed.  “The Universe is trying to teach me a lesson” is the kind of thing I might be tempted to think.  “Don’t Tell The Universe I Am Under Here” might be scrawled on a sign propped up by the bed.  Not that I have given the matter much thought. Our community is reeling from the loss of a friend’s 21 year old son over the weekend.  As we are all learning and re-learning and learning some more, you really do see the best of a community at the worst of times. You really do wish you did not need to be reminded in this manner.  You vow to remember it very well, so the Universe will stop feeling the compulsion to teach you again. Here on the farm, reeling continues with the passing of one of the Founding Ewes of our little flock, one …

everyday muffins

shop: a frolic

In college, my roommate knew the sure-fire way to turn my frown upside down was to administer an immediate cream puff.  I am harder to please in this way now, having developed a few objections to eating a cream puff the size of my head, but there is another activity that approximates this level of joy for me. I speak, of course, of the grocery safari.  Holiday shopping fills me with dread and alarm; most shopping, in fact, rapidly loses its luster once it moves from the theoretical to the overheated, over-soundtracked reality.  But give me a cross-cultural food outing any day of the week and I am a happy girl. Last week, on a junket to the Asian grocery that I like in Albany, I tacked on a side trip to an Indian grocery I discovered with my mad Google skills.  This gem happened (cue harps!) to be both a block away from the Asian grocery and in possession of a lunch counter.  When we (I always take a buddy, in case joy overwhelms …