The Tomatrix

P.G. Wodehouse with his wife Ethel

The Pekingese notwithstanding, I have been a rabid fan of P.G. Wodehouse since I was a youngster.  In one of his most epic Jeeves/Wooster romps, The Code Of The Woosters, Bertie finds himself a guest at a posh country home, in a bedroom where the mantel is festooned […]

later, tater

Sorry I’m late.  I’ve been stuck at a four-way intersection, notorious all over the globe for short-circuiting sensible behavior.  Mine was the place where a fresh wave of grief, my loony agreement to costume the 8th grade play, a very busy season writing and organizing, and a small farm animal in my kitchen all […]

payback time

Various pals of mine have recently obliged (or will shortly oblige) me by producing sweet little babies for me to play with.  I do like a baby. My own personal round chubby babies are now long lean motion machines, as will happen, and enjoyable in their own right, but even if you can catch […]