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breeding joy

In 2004, our family was a bit worn by a run of fairly epic events: illness, strife and woe, though strangers for the most part up until then (lucky us!), took up residence in our solar system with a vengeance. When the dust settled (for good, we innocently thought) my husband and I did a hugely greedy thing: we had another baby. It was greedy by planetary standards, and that gave me some major pause. But it was also greedy for joy. I can run circles around most circular thinkers—but this! But that! But this and that!–and though I continue to visit and revisit many of my big decisions, I feel pretty confident that the joy grab was a sound move. Illness, strife and woe have not been as strangers since then. But the boy continues to compound the happiness of those around him. This week Vitamin A turned 10, a noteworthy milestone. We always have his Party after the holidays, when his school chums are more available, and mark his official day with a …

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peach clafouti oh my oh my, from A Raisin & A Porpoise

peach of mind

My daughters are each in their own way quite practical, especially when it comes to worrying, which—and I don’t mean to toot my own horn here at all–I raise to Olympic levels. They take after their father more in this regard, mercifully, being much more judicious in terms of what they worry over or tolerate others worrying about. After learning I was born on a Wednesday, some years ago one of them crayoned me up a sign that said “Just Say No to Woe,” which I would show you here but our photos are not at all organized, which I am pretty worried about. Anyway, back in the days when I kept a flower garden, I had a hibiscus plant. I may still have it. Hard to say. But when the girls were small it was glorious, several feet high and blooms as wide across as soup bowls. Every fall, I did as I was told (that right there should give you a sense of how long ago this was) and cut it straight back …

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meyer lemon caramel, from A Raisin & A Porpoise

what was the question?

The answer is olive oil! I was really excited to tell you that, so I skipped ahead of the question. Once upon a good while ago, I posted a recipe for meyer lemon caramel, and that little feller made the rounds. Largely thanks to Marisa, it was linked to and re-posted and made its way here, where it was revealed last Friday that a replacement for butter in the caramel would be welcome. My first answer was coconut oil, because that makes a fine caramel, but it turns out that the person posing the question is not a coconutarian.  That set me to thinking. Over the weekend a lightbulb went off, and I made the caramel with olive oil.  Yes!  Yes!  So tasty. So all I have for you today is something I had for you a while ago, just updated.  Meyer lemon caramel with olive oil.  I’ve updated the original with that substitution, and now I am going to go eat the rest of the jar.

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