what was the question?

The answer is olive oil!

I was really excited to tell you that, so I skipped ahead of the question.

Once upon a good while ago, I posted a recipe for meyer lemon caramel, and that little feller made the rounds. Largely thanks to Marisa, it was linked to and re-posted and made its way [...]

now we're jammin'

Goodness me, can someone grab the license number off that truck that ran me off the road?  Vanity plates, you say?  Knew it!  SANTA1.

It’s not that I wasn’t cooking over the holidays.  It’s just that, though I tried to keep them all spinning, the plate marked “photographing and musing aloud about cooking” was [...]

freedom fighters

I did not make these cookies in an ironic vintage apron, or shape them using my grandmother’s collection of hand-carved springerle molds smuggled from the old country, or cut them with cookie cutters I made one magical snowy afternoon when the kids and I took a break from learning Portuguese folk songs [...]