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naturally sweet food in jars giveaway | a raisin & a porpoise

musings about foods in jars (with a Food In Jars Giveaway!)

  I’m a hoarder. In the fall, knowing that winter and its limited access to fresh, local food is looming, I can and I freeze in a rodent-esque frenzy, rushing with stuffed cheeks from tree to larder. Over the winter I mete out the jars and bags hoping-just-hoping we’ll make them last until the food returns. Then the mercury climbs and the world begins to green up again, as it currently is greening like a time-lapse film outside my window, and though we’ve inevitably run out of tomatoes more or less by Christmas, equally inevitably I realize that I have over-hoarded, over-meted, over-parsed. THERE IS A LOT OF FRUIT IN THE BASEMENT, just FYI if you are in the area. Every March I vow that next year will be the year that I’ll just Annie Dillard right through the stash instead of doling it out like a miser. And then we go around again. Despite its lack of snow, the winter we just ended was as foodless (in local terms) as it usually is, but …

holiday gift guide (with a giveaway!) from a raisin & a porpoise

share and share a like (with a giveaway!)

This is the right time of year to post a holiday gift guide.  My holiday gift guide is always the same, and very short: please buy honey, as much of it as you can, from small-scale, reputable producers. They don’t even have to be local to you, though this tool can help you find someone who is (or isn’t, or–in a neat parlor trick–is local to the recipient). Supporting these stewards of the most powerful force for the future of food is the best combo platter of activism, altruism, and gifting I know of. If that doesn’t cut the mustard for you, fortunately so many other people have done a bang-up job of writing guides that all I need to provide is a compass: Shopping for people who love to be in the kitchen and make stuff? Marisa’s series of guides to kitchen gizmos are a super help, and her books are a home-run choice for any People Of The Jar in your life, who doubtless will also be charmed by anything on her list …


i was told there would be no math (+ a giveaway!)

Blogging is a pretty glamorous pursuit.  Not only does your family groan when they see you taking pictures of the salad, but you gain access to a fascinating underworld of knowledge that you access via your “stats” page.  Yes, I have a Stats Page.  Pretty soon a badge and a toolbelt will come my way, I can feel it. Having a Stats Page makes me want to call up Lincoln Moses, my statistics professor in college.  He looked like Santa, and behaved a lot like one might hope of same.  At the school I attended from grades 5-12, the math classes were divided, not into “A” and “B” or “I” and “II” or “Tomohawks” and “Mohawks” but into sections called “Regulars” and “Specials.”  Just to save us trouble figuring out what the section names might indicate about us.  But despite my checkered and very Regular career in mathematics up to the point where I took Lincoln Moses’ Statistics 101 class (at the last possible moment prior to graduation in order to fulfill the math requirement), …