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making bank: socking away summer greens on a raisin + a porpoise

caching in

It’s definitely grasshopper season. So much to do and see and play with. Who wants to tote and till and thresh when the music is playing? DANCING IS SO FUN. Threshing? Not so much. We’ve had a wetter summer season than my area of the map has seen in years, along with a handsome run of sunny days in among the rain drops. As a result, greens are leaping out of gardens in fat, succulent bunches. Maybe you have no garden or jungle-like weather conditions where you are; even so, CSA shares and shopping at farmer’s markets with eyes that are bigger than your available hours can also lead to a greens overload in the crisper. Before slime descends and you are forced to slide that lettuce into the compost or trash, consider taking a few simple steps to make you and your army of ants pretty content when winter settles back down, and still leave time for dancing. Here is the revolutionary, game-changing greens management tip that can be yours today if you ACT …

Dill pesto from A Raisin & A Porpoise

frond feelings

I don’t know what all of you have gotten done the last few weeks, but the dill’s sure been busy.  It has self-seeded in a good portion of my parents’ garden, and it’s about as high as an elephant’s eye, and I picked a whole big lot of it, knowing full well I had nothing to mince it up into (it’s mad tasty added in copious amounts to spinach, but I had no spinach). I just got kind of mesmerized by its abundance, and the waxy feel of the leaves and the bracing aroma as I picked.  Then all of a sudden I had a huge handful of dill, whose abundance I did not want to waste. Dill pesto!  There’s an idea.  Fearing it would be too aggressively dilly on its own, I threw some lettuce in to mellow things out. In a matter of moments, I had some glorious green goo. There are lots of things this would be good with, and for, and on. I imagined styling it up for you on a …

hashing through the weeds/nettles and potatoes from A Raisin & A Porpoise


Years ago, two friends started a debate about how many dollar bills could be stuffed into a soft-sided suitcase (it was a Le Sportsac, if you must know–it was the 80’s, and we can only apologize for the time in our history when we referred to suitcases by their brand name).  “Infinite!” said one of them.  “Finite!” said the other. About three months ago, my friend Suzi asked me to participate in a kind of blogger’s chain letter, a mutually supportive exercise in talking about writing and raising awareness of each other’s work.  It was just the sort of thing I ought to be saying ‘YES!’ to, in order to be More Committed To Writing and Building My Readership.  And it was just the sort of thing I ought to say ‘no‘ to, in order to be actually more committed to actual writing, and because if one more skinny little figment of a commitment gets stuffed into the decidedly soft-sided suitcase of my mind, the seams surely will not hold. It should come as no …