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kale pesto

handy device

Years ago, my oldest sister lived in a loft apartment all the way west on Canal Street in New York.  It was notable for many things: fabulousness, for one, and–in a city famous for instant, round-the-clock gratification–its remarkable inconvenience.  No market on the corner for the forgotten lemon or baking powder.  No restaurant mere steps away for a quick take-out (or eat-in) meal.  No hopping casually onto the subway to dash here or there.  And the elevator–this was a place to grow old.  “This elevator takes FOREVER,” residents and visitors would say, to one another if we were together and to ourselves if we were alone, performing those special yah-yah-yadda-yah faces and head waggles that indicate that something is tedious and we’re not especially patient with it.  The famously slow elevator was a perpetually engaging topic of conversation. One day I got on the FSE with my brother-in-law.  I prepared to say something knowing about how long the ride would be. “One minute,” he said, before I could say anything. I glanced at him. “It …

leap into the start of something

get started with me

The main obstacle I face in getting started on something (and maybe this is just me here, but bear with me) is the feeling that so much [time has gone by, or back-log has accumulated, or stands in my way] that there is no point starting now.  If only I had been disciplined enough to be handling it all along, or at least to have started earlier, then maybe…. I can feel this way any old time, but without a doubt I feel it round about the 9th of January every year.  “I Guess That Ship Has Sailed” Day, let’s call it.  The day when you realize that it’s more than a week into the new year and the green-juice/exercise/file-a-pile/clean the sink/stretch more/bitch less/write in my journal every day plan is already showing definite signs of weakness in its struts. Or maybe it has a misplaced ignition key. A wise therapist said to me once, OK, so let’s pretend this is a friend who has come to you to say this (instead of just, you …

winter salad

what we have

Last week my firstborn got her driver’s license. The Motor Vehicles office is about 45 minutes from our house, and the whole process took a couple of hours. I whiled away the time running various romantic errands.  Bank deposit. Look for a new dish-drain.  Get the oil changed.  Run down the to-do items for our pared-down but still impending holiday.  The oil change (“do you want us to change the air filter?  grease your sparkplugs? file your jamlocks? overwhelm you with add-ons, upcharges and options for only 39.99 more?”) came with a coupon for a free car wash (“do you want to upgrade to the Executive Sparkle Package by scanning your barcode, keying in your ATM pin number and texting us a picture of your left ear?  press 1 for yes!”) and while I sat in the car as it was splashed and jostled, I enjoyed the curious sense of peace that comes from your inner and outer circumstances lining up perfectly, even if those circumstances are not actually peaceful. It’s hard to take one …