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germ war pear

Let us talk, once again, of apples. Let us talk of nothing else, in fact, unless we are talking about pears. And then, when we are resting or perhaps slightly delirious, let us speak of what happens when it seems that apples have met pears, and been careless, producing a hybrid. One of the fruits that has gone into hyperdrive in the orchard that we are lucky to border on is the Asian Pear, which is also known (for reasons that are obvious enough when you eat one but seem to have no scientific basis) as the ‘apple pear’.  When my children were tots and prone to malaprops, one of them garbled the name into ‘angel apples,’ which is how we referred to them for a while. Apples in fact are blameless for these items, which are just a hybrid of some other kinds of very fecund pears that know no limits. For quite a while it was my belief that the only thing one of these was good for was eating out of hand, …

lemon apple jam bars, from a raisin & a porpoise

now we’re jammin’

Goodness me, can someone grab the license number off that truck that ran me off the road?  Vanity plates, you say?  Knew it!  SANTA1. It’s not that I wasn’t cooking over the holidays.  It’s just that, though I tried to keep them all spinning, the plate marked “photographing and musing aloud about cooking” was among those I dropped.  Sometimes when I think about spinning plates, I imagine my friend Roger the Jester and his ability to do nimble acts of balancing and make me laugh until I pee, and sometimes I think about a book I read long ago about a boy with sensory issues who liked to sit alone in a corner and spin a white plate on a tile floor to calm himself. The holidays saw me leaning more toward the latter example. I did manage to wring out the teeny tiny gingerbread houses, the ones that perch on cocoa mugs to the delight of children of all ages.  Longtime readers will recall that last year I made a batch of houses that …

ricotta cheesecake, gluten free!

a whole lotta cheesecake

I had a post all ready to go for you about cheesecake, because I made one that was intensely tasty, but then we went to New Orleans for the weekend and by the time I got back from that densely caloric trip, I couldn’t bear to think about anything sweet or rich. Among the things we came home to was this little item: I snapped that picture on the room-service run to the coop yesterday morning, thinking she (I don’t actually know that that the baby chicken is female; I just like to encourage all the chicks to be, well, chicks, as we are overstocked with very vocal roosters) would make a nice poster child for whatever light, healthy, springtime food I was going to write about today. Except that now she is on my dining room table, wearing a little leg splint and comfrey compress and peeping like a maniac in the cardboard box my daughter set up for her last night when she found her unable to put weight on her right leg.  …