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I still don’t have anything for you to eat. Or rather, I do, but I feel a little bit ridiculous just sliding back into offering you things to eat, all la di dah. I have a nice post about things to eat all polished up and ready to launch, in fact, but just at this moment, it feels to me as if the dining room is on fire. I know there is a good deal to be said for not letting normal be taken from you, but just at this moment, it has. There is also a lot to be said for acknowledging that. A number of people, on the radio and the internet and in print, as well as thoughtful and reasonable friends who’ve drafted cogent emails, are talking about why and how our system, with its checks and balances, or the political dynamic, with the majority party mostly hostile to its leader-elect, will rein in t’s ability to make drastic changes. This may be true. It may not be. We’ll soon see. Some …


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photo: thompson-finch farm Considering our revolutionary beginnings as a nation, it’s kind of appalling how quickly we turn grassroots movements into Astroturf. Any idea that catches on like wildfire is pretty likely to become merchandised, franchised and sanitized until it’s ready for its close-up. But I have my fingers crossed for the Occupiers that they don’t get an ice cream flavor or cable channel. This is not only because the Slow Food, sustainable farming, local foodshed, food justice and environmental movements (my All-Star Team) have linked up with them, but then again maybe it is. It’s pretty exciting to me, this Big Idea that it is all one issue–that fixing the food problems is not peripheral or secondary or frivolous but fundamentally connected to everything that caused the eruption of frustration into action. If you’d like to read something beautiful and motivating about the very simple things you can do right now to start your own ripple of action, go see Alana. She nails it. My own ripple started this morning in the freezer. Lately, …