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buckwheat blueberry muffins, plus bonus cute baby animal eye-candy, from A Raisin & A Porpoise

get away

In the blink of an eye, or rather the long, cramped blink of a shuffle through airport security, some hours in an improbably airborne metal device, and another set of shuffles (is that my bag?), we have gone from winter wonderland to tank tops.  This is blessedly disorienting.  It has been quite some time since my last vacation, Father. As always, the period before departure gave me cause to wonder if in some earlier episode I have angered the gods of vacation.  There were the snowstorms, which of course we could not take personally.  Our dog ruptured a tendon in his knee. Our sheep began lambing two months before such an event was anticipated, and into deep snow and freezing temperatures.  And to drive home the point, one lamb was rejected by her mother and left to our attention. It’s a tall order to find good care for such an impressively precarious house of cards. It is also tough to feature how a creature fitting the description of the teeny lamb (winsome, petite, fuzzy, floppy-eared) …

baked custard with anise

eating light

I am back. Mostly. I have just spent a week taking care of someone I love who has been very sick for a long time, something a circle of us have been doing in rotation for over a year.  We travel, short distances and long.  We do what we can and often that takes the form of things we thought we couldn’t. This time I crossed an ocean. Now I am in that odd physical state of suspension between time zones, where I want to check my watch when I am hungry to see what meal I should eat, and my heart is in at least two places, too.  And there is what my West Indian friend used to call “ruction” all around me, beyond this gnarly situation of mine: one friend lost her dad two weeks ago, and now her brother is in the hospital facing terrible odds.  Another friend’s mother died, and her brother is in the same condition. Flu and blizzards.  Falls and accidents. I want light, just a morsel of it, …