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staple remover

January has been up to its usual crazy hijinks.  Thaw! Freeze! Snow!  Repeat.  So basically what we have is a thick layer of ice that will probably not melt before August (this is the kind of despairing idea that takes root in mid-winter), slip-covered (and I mean that) in a topcoat of snow. I actually kind of like winter, but I could do without the luge-track conditions here on the hill, conditions that turn every jaunt to the car or chicken coop into a dance with fate.  I did a triple toe-loop last week trying to bring the chickens some water, magically escaping knocking myself unconscious in either of the two ways that immediately came available (bonking head on ice; braining self with metal water pot that went completely airborne and landed a few feet away), giving the dogs (the only mammalian witnesses) a little case of PTSD, and doing my already-ailing back no favors.  I begin to comprehend why people of a certain age de-camp to warmer climates, and their more reliable walking conditions, …

zing me a song/aromatic salt from A Raisin & A Porpoise

salt of the dearth

One rotten thing about modernity is how the word ‘friend’ has been pilloried and debased.  Oh, I friended her but she unfriended me and now he’s my friend but not my FRIEND-friend–we’re just, you know, friends.  Air-quote, Air-quote. I love my friends.  One unfailing measure, to me, of friendship–the real kind, minus the air quotes and other paraphernalia–is whether I know something about what or how this person likes to eat, and vice versa.  It’s a marker of having spent some time, paid some attention.  Loves cilantro, hates cilantro, allergic to potatoes, can’t stomach white food, will not eat citrus with a meal, dessert first, no green salad in the winter, not crazy about squash.  Those are some of my peeps. Once I have some curious little fact of this nature to file away, I realize me and this person have moved past the opening event. A couple of benefits of friends (not the same as friends with benefits, so don’t you start): they expose you to new things to eat, and they often lead …

what mint and cheesecake have to do with schnauzers

minty fresh

My sixth birthday present was a dog, a gentlemanly terrier who was, for the most part, a very easy-going guy. We had been persuaded by someone, maybe the breeder or some wise friend, that a mixture of wet and dry food was the right thing to feed him.  We had been persuaded.  He had not.  So every evening we would mix that up for him, and every evening he would snarf down all the wet food and leave the dry, sorting on the fly at a pretty considerable rate of speed, given his impressive accuracy.  No kibble passed his little black lips.  Henceforth into eternity, rejecting some ingredient that is enmeshed in one’s meal became known, in my family of origin, as “kibble-rejecting.” In a nice restaurant once, my husband caught me kibble-rejecting in my salad, kicking the scratchy fronds of frisée to the curb of the bowl.  “What are you doing?” he inquired, and I explained that I believe frisée to be more suitable for scrubbing stubborn stains off the sink than for eating.  …