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stuff now, thank me later/twice-baked potatoes from A Raisin & A Porpoise

later, tater

Sorry I’m late.  I’ve been stuck at a four-way intersection, notorious all over the globe for short-circuiting sensible behavior.  Mine was the place where a fresh wave of grief, my loony agreement to costume the 8th grade play, a very busy season writing and organizing, and a small farm animal in my kitchen all came together. None of these things could have been managed without friendship, and I am absurdly rich in this resource, but the pace of life has felt aerobic even so. My friend Suzi once said to me, as I explained a day that seemed arduous but possible, “there’s the logistics, and then there’s living through it.”  Meaning yes, it is technically feasible to drop your kids off at school, travel 2.5 hours to attend a one-hour event, get back on time for 2:30 pick up, then get dinner on the table and hit the class meeting at 7.  But then there is the state of mind and body that will result, which ought to be part of the calculations. As this …

hack tomato soup LIKE A BOSS with A Raisin & A Porpoise

if this were a real emergency

I have lots of plans to tell you about delightful little treats you can make in the kitchen and be pleased about.  Yes I do. The list is long.  The items are tasty.  The spirit is willing.  But the flesh! Oy, the flesh.  The flesh must go here and there, fetch this, mail that, find its desk under a mountain of backlogged CRAPIOLA that seems to pile up faster than the snow, which is in and of itself a tingly, sparkly, festive reminder that you need snow tires and 2/3 of everyone outgrew their snow boots or their snow pants or lost the right gloves of three of the four pair you bought as the last flakes flew last winter, and left the fourth pair, soaking wet, in the car overnight. So, for the moment, in place of creatively flavored and ironically wrapped and winsomely tied holiday treats, here is some juicy behind the scenes news.  I am a big hater of packaged food (that’s not the news), but that doesn’t mean I don’t use …

applesauce BBQ from a raisin and a porpoise

Apple, Sauce

  When I was little, I had a book called “Hurry, Hurry!” and in case you did not also have this book, I will give you a little spoiler-laden plot synopsis here. “Hurry, Hurry!” (by Edith Thacher Hurd, and illustrated by Clement Hurd) is about silly old Miss Muggs, who comes to take care of little Suzie while her parents are away, and who is always in such a rush that she gets tangled up with all sorts of people–the milkman, the old lady walking her dogs–and causes them woe.  They all warn her, “Slow down, or something worse will happen!”  But Miss Muggs does not heed them.  People like Miss Muggs just never heed warnings, thank goodness, or we would never have books to read.  The foretold Something Worse turns out to be knocking into a workman with a pot of glue (this was back before billboards were made of vinyl and just manifested by the side of the road, so cast your mind back).  Poor Miss Muggs is covered in the stuff.  All …