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lemon apple jam bars, from a raisin & a porpoise

now we’re jammin’

Goodness me, can someone grab the license number off that truck that ran me off the road?  Vanity plates, you say?  Knew it!  SANTA1. It’s not that I wasn’t cooking over the holidays.  It’s just that, though I tried to keep them all spinning, the plate marked “photographing and musing aloud about cooking” was among those I dropped.  Sometimes when I think about spinning plates, I imagine my friend Roger the Jester and his ability to do nimble acts of balancing and make me laugh until I pee, and sometimes I think about a book I read long ago about a boy with sensory issues who liked to sit alone in a corner and spin a white plate on a tile floor to calm himself. The holidays saw me leaning more toward the latter example. I did manage to wring out the teeny tiny gingerbread houses, the ones that perch on cocoa mugs to the delight of children of all ages.  Longtime readers will recall that last year I made a batch of houses that …

cookie or good for you? caramelized puffed millet go-bars from A Raisin & A Porpoise

nut job

I set out to make the weekly snacking bar, my usual Sunday activity, but my mind wandered as I both eyeballed the proportions and switched up the ingredients.  They looked really mushy even after they were baked, so I taught them a lesson or two by baking them some more, until they really quit squealing–almost burned them, in fact, like the chef in the restaurant when you say your meat is a little underdone.  I was reasonably sure I had an epic fail on my hands. My daughter ate three, pretty comfortably. What is this? asked her friend, when I handed her two of them. I’m not sure, I said. What were those? asked the friend’s mom a few minutes later. They’re gone? I asked.  I think they are sort of like those lunchbox bars I make, I said.  I am going to make more, and I’ll give you some. This is not a bar, said my friend Julie.  This is a cookie. What’s in it? Oats, millet, nuts, coconut sugar…I said. Sweet!  See?  Ha! …


hold the scone

Are you wondering what on earth packing lunch and making dinner for the 7,328th time have to do with saving the world, or is that just me? Fortunately, the other day Joel Salatin explained all that to me and to whoever else was listening to the radio. Organics in Wal-Mart this, farm subsidies that, he basically said; nothing will change until we return the kitchen table to the center of human society, and make mealtime the hub of the home. Yes! Yes! I nodded hard enough to hurt myself, risking a minor traffic accident. Bear with me while I run this thread through some leftover oatmeal, which remained on the counter the other day when the contrails of the departing children cleared. With it, I made cinnamon buns, which are leftover oatmeal’s highest and best use. Really it’s the only possible use other than caulking a window or flinging it out the door for the chickens, which I recognize may not be an actual option for very many people. Some friends stopped over in the …