grainless move

It is possible that cautious optimism that it will not always be winter is warranted.

The daffodils are ready to commit.  The robins are back.  The pesky birds nesting in the eaves outside the window by my bed are hard at work at sunrise every morning, 7 days per friggin week.

This is the [...]


back in the salad again

I don’t have anything adorable to say about this salad, aside from the fact that (provided all ingredients are in the same building as you are) you can go from the 6pm announcement “Mama, I know I told you the potluck started at 6:30 but I just checked and she meant to say come [...]


don't move


Here is an exciting report from the front lines of glamour and adventure.  About three weeks ago, the interior door-knob of our front door came off in the hand of the family member (yours truly) who was attempting to lead a group exit from the building.  Door-knob misadventures are not uncommon in our [...]