last of its kind

Summer is probably really over.  All kinds of summery things like swimming and lolling around, or at least the potential to loll, are all done with.  It’s misty and cool in the morning and evening and the basil looks all done in.  But there are some matters of summer still to be dealt with.


Apple, Sauce


When I was little, I had a book called “Hurry, Hurry!” and in case you did not also have this book, I will give you a little spoiler-laden plot synopsis here.

“Hurry, Hurry!” (by Edith Thacher Hurd, and illustrated by Clement Hurd) is about silly old Miss Muggs, who comes to take care […]

springing in the rain

There have been moments this spring that have felt distinctly like winter, and others like deep, late summer.  But mostly it has been a long, cool, wet spring.  The wee baby fuzzy little peaches seem to have escaped that rogue late frost, and the teeny green nubbins on the blackberry bushes are […]