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essential tomato sauce

last of its kind

Summer is probably really over.  All kinds of summery things like swimming and lolling around, or at least the potential to loll, are all done with.  It’s misty and cool in the morning and evening and the basil looks all done in.  But there are some matters of summer still to be dealt with. Canning, for instance, just seems to go and go; there’s all that summer sun and light trapped in the skin of various fruits, and my baskets runneth over.  If tomatillos are pouring into your kitchen, I have only the most glowing and positive things to say about this tomatillo salsa, another harvest from one of Marisa’s awesome linkfests. I made some plum glop, my version of not quite jam but almost (the version where you don’t care if it sets or not), with the last dregs of the basil so it can offer a little ooh-la-la to the winter oatmeal, and I wish this plum movie was in Smellovision for you: But I called this meeting to talk about tomatoes.  …

applesauce BBQ from a raisin and a porpoise

Apple, Sauce

  When I was little, I had a book called “Hurry, Hurry!” and in case you did not also have this book, I will give you a little spoiler-laden plot synopsis here. “Hurry, Hurry!” (by Edith Thacher Hurd, and illustrated by Clement Hurd) is about silly old Miss Muggs, who comes to take care of little Suzie while her parents are away, and who is always in such a rush that she gets tangled up with all sorts of people–the milkman, the old lady walking her dogs–and causes them woe.  They all warn her, “Slow down, or something worse will happen!”  But Miss Muggs does not heed them.  People like Miss Muggs just never heed warnings, thank goodness, or we would never have books to read.  The foretold Something Worse turns out to be knocking into a workman with a pot of glue (this was back before billboards were made of vinyl and just manifested by the side of the road, so cast your mind back).  Poor Miss Muggs is covered in the stuff.  All …

savory rhubarb sauce

springing in the rain

There have been moments this spring that have felt distinctly like winter, and others like deep, late summer.  But mostly it has been a long, cool, wet spring.  The wee baby fuzzy little peaches seem to have escaped that rogue late frost, and the teeny green nubbins on the blackberry bushes are suggesting that they weathered it fine as well. The weather has been warm enough that people forget to close the door, with predictable results in the chicken world.  See this action shot below to learn how our ace canine security staff clamps down on such an occasion: Yes, that’s the dog moving past the chicken on the door mat; he is saying “pardon me, ma’am,” though you can’t hear it in the photo, as he ambles in to the kitchen to see if he can grab someone’s sandwich off the counter. Because the temperatures have been mostly cool, and things have been very wet, we are sadly low on strawberries but absurdly blessed with a long rhubarb season. Rhubarb’s value in dessert is …