Apple, Sauce


When I was little, I had a book called “Hurry, Hurry!” and in case you did not also have this book, I will give you a little spoiler-laden plot synopsis here.

“Hurry, Hurry!” (by Edith Thacher Hurd, and illustrated by Clement Hurd) is about silly old Miss Muggs, who comes to take care [...]

springing in the rain

There have been moments this spring that have felt distinctly like winter, and others like deep, late summer.  But mostly it has been a long, cool, wet spring.  The wee baby fuzzy little peaches seem to have escaped that rogue late frost, and the teeny green nubbins on the blackberry bushes are [...]

the use of today

Been a bit quiet around here!  My apologies.  It isn’t exactly as though I haven’t been making useful food.  I am back in a period of jam-packed days and short trips away from my family, so I have been cranking out useful food galore, like pots of beans (this time with some sofrito which [...]