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muffins with toasted coriander seed

there is a season

It turns out that it is not especially difficult, as a person (admittedly self-diagnosed) of approximately reasonable levels of functional sanity, to become deeply paranoid and want to stay under the bed.  “The Universe is trying to teach me a lesson” is the kind of thing I might be tempted to think.  “Don’t Tell The Universe I Am Under Here” might be scrawled on a sign propped up by the bed.  Not that I have given the matter much thought. Our community is reeling from the loss of a friend’s 21 year old son over the weekend.  As we are all learning and re-learning and learning some more, you really do see the best of a community at the worst of times. You really do wish you did not need to be reminded in this manner.  You vow to remember it very well, so the Universe will stop feeling the compulsion to teach you again. Here on the farm, reeling continues with the passing of one of the Founding Ewes of our little flock, one …


spoon fed

I will not bore or horrify you with further scenes from the front.  No blow-by-blow on the ewe with the prolapse and the vet’s MacGyver-esque repair thereof ( let’s just say he put the “butt” back in buttons), no cataloging of the rest of the week’s adventures with intramural swapping of head cold and stomach flu germs, no tally on the number of dirty towels generated by cold lambs taking a spa break by the woodstove indoors. None of that.  Just a little gooey lamb photography, and a travelogue of cooking fantasies.  You will note my armchair travel was mainly routed through pudding territory.  What I want, when I feel taxed, is something from a spoon. Not pudding, but visually appealing: this blog (I can tell that both her kitchen and her sketchbooks would be very tidy, which is inspirational), and these cake servers, for the casually elegant, hip and funky, mismatched vintage groovy stylish life I lead in my mind. This king of all rice puddings, which I devoured, despite making it absolutely wrong …