spoon fed

I will not bore or horrify you with further scenes from the front.  No blow-by-blow on the ewe with the prolapse and the vet’s MacGyver-esque repair thereof ( let’s just say he put the “butt” back in buttons), no cataloging of the rest of the week’s adventures with intramural swapping of head cold and […]


Judging by the tire tracks on my get-up-and-go and the fact that 66% of my children are back to school, I think the holidays are over.

That was some ride.

Eight years ago, I took that ride enormously pregnant, and at the end of the holidaze, had a large baby boy to […]

nut job

I set out to make the weekly snacking bar, my usual Sunday activity, but my mind wandered as I both eyeballed the proportions and switched up the ingredients.  They looked really mushy even after they were baked, so I taught them a lesson or two by baking them some more, until they really quit […]