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hot & sour soup hack, from A Raisin & A Porpoise

ooh, Mommy

Just recently we were treated to a display of weather extremes dramatic enough that you’d think most of the outliers on the “climate change” matter would have been convinced.  In the course of a couple of days, the mercury did a 60 degree cha-cha, from sub-zero up to 50 and back again.  If you are not in the Northeast, maybe you saw it on weather television.  For those of us playing along at home, it meant not only wardrobe and internal thermometer confusion, but also, for giggles, gooshy mud and enormous puddles that overnight became a thick sheet of ice slip-covered (and I mean that) in a thin layer of slide-y snow. Even on a prairie, those conditions would make it challenging to get to the chicken coop, a few hundred yards from the house.  But we live on a picturesque hill.  The trip to the coop was so treacherous one day last week that once I arrived there intact, my relationship with the Lord restored and updated, I engaged the miracle of cellular technology …

applesauce BBQ from a raisin and a porpoise

Apple, Sauce

  When I was little, I had a book called “Hurry, Hurry!” and in case you did not also have this book, I will give you a little spoiler-laden plot synopsis here. “Hurry, Hurry!” (by Edith Thacher Hurd, and illustrated by Clement Hurd) is about silly old Miss Muggs, who comes to take care of little Suzie while her parents are away, and who is always in such a rush that she gets tangled up with all sorts of people–the milkman, the old lady walking her dogs–and causes them woe.  They all warn her, “Slow down, or something worse will happen!”  But Miss Muggs does not heed them.  People like Miss Muggs just never heed warnings, thank goodness, or we would never have books to read.  The foretold Something Worse turns out to be knocking into a workman with a pot of glue (this was back before billboards were made of vinyl and just manifested by the side of the road, so cast your mind back).  Poor Miss Muggs is covered in the stuff.  All …

roasted potato salad with shiso and lemon

don’t move

  Here is an exciting report from the front lines of glamour and adventure.  About three weeks ago, the interior door-knob of our front door came off in the hand of the family member (yours truly) who was attempting to lead a group exit from the building.  Door-knob misadventures are not uncommon in our house, where we seem to dwell under a curse from a malevolent hardware fairy, but the involvement of the front door to this degree was pretty novel.  My son was sent around via the side door to open the door from the outside (this is pretty exciting, isn’t it?) and because we were in the grips of a heat-wave, the doorstop was engaged to keep the trap from being sprung again, and the door remained in this open position until last night, when the temperature mercifully dropped, and my husband thoughtfully closed the door to keep us warm, and then remarked upon the absence of the device that would allow him to reverse the procedure.  This morning the perfect storm of …