taming my unruly thoughts

When I was a tot, we lived close enough to Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn that my childhood was seasoned with an abundance of middle-eastern food: baba ganoush, spinach pies, hummus.  This was back in the Pleistocene Era, before hummus became what it is today: as ubiquitous as spackle, and half as tasty, and as […]

those weasels



I’ll say one thing about moping.  You can turn up some interesting stuff on the internet.  Let’s not explore how it is that I came to see the story about the fake poodles:

Let’s also not, for the moment, delve into how anyone could need a veterinarian to tell them that […]

good grief

on west 65th street on Saturday night

I’ve made references, here and there in the last year and a half, to traveling near and far to help care for someone I love who was ill.  I’ve written a little about the push and pull of never quite being where you are, […]