greyed expectations

We had, or at least we aimed for, a modest Thanksgiving feast.  “Modest,” like most terms, is relative.  In our case, that meant scaling back to an absurd overabundance of food, instead of the usual preposterous superabundance.  The Thanksgiving menu is a hard one to narrow, if you are fortunate enough to be only […]

back in the salad again

I don’t have anything adorable to say about this salad, aside from the fact that (provided all ingredients are in the same building as you are) you can go from the 6pm announcement “Mama, I know I told you the potluck started at 6:30 but I just checked and she meant to say come […]

roots of light

Years and years ago, my oldest sister gave me a little dog.  On the one hand, it was excellent timing: I had just dealt the final, severing blow to a longtime, fraught relationship and was living alone in a big city.  It was nice to enjoy the company of a furry little non-judgmental mammal […]