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It’s been over a month since I posted, so here is a month’s worth of posts all at once, in a breezy kind of Reader’s Digest format. Whee! Always something new over here. Many, many years ago, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth and I did not have any children, I fell under the tutelage of an herb wizard who boosted my lifelong fascination with natural remedies up to a whole new level.  I watched her move with ease in her gorgeous garden and through the weeds outside it, responding confidently to the various health complaints of her family, setting beautiful meals on a gracious table, and I was totally inspired. Among her many gifts to me was a book by Lalitha Thomas called 10 Essential Herbs, which I devoured.  It’s a fantastic primer. Thomas’ sensible voice, and the distinctive one of my other book-teacher, Susun Weed (her French-y characterization of the dandelion, putting one in permanent mind of this, is one that you can never un-hear) are always echoing through my head along with …

hashing through the weeds/nettles and potatoes from A Raisin & A Porpoise


Years ago, two friends started a debate about how many dollar bills could be stuffed into a soft-sided suitcase (it was a Le Sportsac, if you must know–it was the 80’s, and we can only apologize for the time in our history when we referred to suitcases by their brand name).  “Infinite!” said one of them.  “Finite!” said the other. About three months ago, my friend Suzi asked me to participate in a kind of blogger’s chain letter, a mutually supportive exercise in talking about writing and raising awareness of each other’s work.  It was just the sort of thing I ought to be saying ‘YES!’ to, in order to be More Committed To Writing and Building My Readership.  And it was just the sort of thing I ought to say ‘no‘ to, in order to be actually more committed to actual writing, and because if one more skinny little figment of a commitment gets stuffed into the decidedly soft-sided suitcase of my mind, the seams surely will not hold. It should come as no …

spring weeds and how to eat them, on a raisin & a porpoise

weed eater

Last night our whole family went to a party, and we danced.  My oldest daughter danced with her dad.  My little son danced with me.  The girls danced with each other, and with their brother, and we all danced together.  What did you guys do right, asked a friend, and how did you do it? Beats me.  I can tell you a lot about where I think I missed the mark as a parent, including several times yesterday afternoon.  I can sometimes tell when I have hit the mark, or gotten near it, but even saying that makes me wonder where and what the mark even is.  All I can tell you about the dancing is I don’t know how or why it’s possible, but I definitely felt the happiest I have felt in recent memory while it was going on. This is not going to be a Mother’s Day post.  It is also not going to be a Why I Hate Mother’s Day post because there are plenty of good ones about that, and …