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salad in the winter, on A Raisin & A Porpoise

pails, by comparison

Ironically enough, before I delve into the meat of things here, let me just alert you that you have until midnight on Friday, 12/18, to enter the tantalizing giveaway mentioned in the last post. It’s a doozy. The goodies include: my beautiful friend Alana’s beautiful new book, The Homemade Kitchen, which you are going to love (or love giving to someone on your list, if you have wisely already gotten yourself a copy).  Anyone who wants to feel less fraught and more capable in the kitchen, the market and their own skin would do well to slip this gorgeous book onto their nightstand and if you are not the big winner here on Friday, just go buy it! a little pot of citrus salt and just about the cutest spoon you can imagine to fling it around with. a jar of chocolate pear jam. plus maybe some other stuff. You can enter said giveaway by following me somewhere—that sounds creepy! I mean: Facebook, Instagram, or on the subscriptions page here, and then leaving a comment …


hit by lightening

I am reading a novel in the middle of the day.  Now there’s something crazy right there.  It’s Ali Smith’s How To Be Both (so good! SO good!), and when I read, therein, the phrase ‘hit by lightening,’ I realized that it describes exactly the feeling that results from performing a magic vamoose out of negative temperatures and icy pathways and long lists of things to do, to a place where reading a novel in the middle of the day, in a t-shirt, near a palm tree, is not only possible but actually happening. CRAZY. No layers to pile on, no strategies or routes to plot to get from house to car intact, and nerve-feeling restored in even the outermost extremes of all extremities. If I remember correctly, right before we got out of Dodge, I was making lemon cookies. I had seen a recipe pinned up on what my daughter refers to as “Tumblr for old people,” and I followed the link to find the instructions were in Italian.  I can hedge my way around …


launch date

When my sister’s firstborn left for college, she called me and wailed “but I’m not done!” I reassured her (correctly, as it turns out) that my nephew was a super guy and well-situated for a nice life.  But I was talking out my ear, as we both well knew in that moment, because in that moment how fine he was going to be was not at all what she was getting at. My own children were mere tots at the time that I was giving hollow reassurances to my sister, and as they get larger and more capable and closer to the door (one of them even got loose, I’m afraid–flew the coop for college in September while I had my back turned), I become more acutely aware of what I have and haven’t gotten around to teaching them, and how as a result they are (or aren’t) prepared for what will come their way.  I am fully aware, thank you very much, that efforts to prepare them undertaken by myself and others may have …