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  1. Hi Janet, Good for you on the move to your own site! I subscribed here, but am already on your email list, so be sure I’m not doubled (might mention that somewhere if I shouldn’t have). If I get it together to do Rawson Brook tour, would you be up to going with me, depending on the time (likely weekday while kids are in school). Just love, love your blog. Jennifer

  2. Hi. Could you please alert the guys who fill out the subscriber forms that though your site indicates I am subscribed, I am not getting the news? xo S

  3. Amy Humes says

    I just realized that though I have been reading your blog since day number one, I still had not subscribed! I miss cooking with you and the gals and look forward to the summer when we will have beautiful things to can! x

  4. sillygirl says

    Although I check your blog often I have never thought to just subscribe! I’m not lucky so I don’t expect to be the winner of your giveaway but I love your writing anyway!

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